It's no secret: cats can be divas at times. It seems like they demand to be worshipped, never have enough food in their bowl, and will knock something off of the table just to spite you.

Someone remind me, please: why do I have a cat?

Anyway, I had to bring my cat, Fahrvergnugen Stroopwafel, to the veterinarian to run some tests (a CAT scan!! HAHAHAHA!). He was, at the most, 2 months old. I had already heard him crying (I put him in the utility room at night and he cries for a few minutes), but I never heard him crying like this!

All the vet was doing was taking a blood sample but, listen to the video: this cat was screaming bloody murder!

The vet and the techs took the cat two rooms down the hall and closed BOTH doors, and he was STILL this loud!

When the vet returned with the cat (who was fine, btw), I asked: "where'd you take the blood sample from, his eyes?!??!" My vet has a sense of humor similar to mine (there's something funny about almost everything!), he replied: "from his toenails".

Anyway, my cat is obviously a big baby, but the good news is that he has a clean bill of health!

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