After winning enough Grammy's to fill up the backseat of her limo, and selling another 6000 downloads of her album 25 immediately following the Grammy broadcast, Adele has found yet another fan, famed guitarist Carlos Santana.  However, his love for Adele's voice has him in hot water with Beyonce's Beyhive.

Beyonce fans didn't have much to celebrate Sunday night as their famed mother-to-be went home with only 2 Grammys for her mantel.  Well 2 and a half Grammys to be exact.  When the last award of the night was given out for Album of the Year, Adele beat out Beyonce.  But Adele said she was so inspired by Beyonce's album Lemonade, which was also up for the same award, she broke her Grammy in half and gave a piece to Beyonce who sat teary eyed in the audience.

Thing is, a lot of people had a big problem with Beyonce losing, especially the black female population, which is who the album saluted.

Carlos Santana chimed in with his explanation as to why Adele won and Beyonce fans around the world are not happy.  Santana said Adele can "Sing" and Beyonce's music is music you use to "Model a dress." And that Adele simply sings and doesn't need all those props and dancers.

Santana may need to ask President Trump how to deal with this one.














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