LAFAYETTE, La. (999KTDY) - There are trillions of germs that live on and in our bodies, but a certain kind of fungus might actually end up being a serious threat to all of us. Many are wondering if the treatment-resistant Candida Auris will become the next pandemic.

The Louisiana Department of Health reports that C. Auris continues to spread rapidly across the United States three times faster than last year. Most of the cases they are dealing with across the country are C. Auris that are resistant to multiple drugs.

If you have a comprised immune system then you should seriously consider the C. Auris as a risk to you. According to LDH, those with compromised immune systems have a 30% to 60% fatality rate in patients across our country.

What Do You Do?

If you think for any reason you may have a fungus on your body anywhere, you should contact your doctor and go in for an appointment.

What Kind of Things Should You Look for on Your Skin?

According to health officials, if you start to notice a red rash that is crusty and could include little bumps, this might be a C. Auris infection. The infection also might present with scaley white patches underneath with red bumps on top.

Often the fungal infection will be found in areas of the body that are moist. You could find the infection between folds of your skin like between your thighs and vaginal area. You could even get an infection in the layers of fat or on your feet.

What Else Should I Know about C. Auris from the Centers for Disease Control?

  • Candida Auris is very often resistant to multiple drugs that are used for these types of fungal infections.
  • Often there have been outbreaks of this fungus in healthcare settings like a hospital
  • It can be very difficult for the usual standard lab tests to identify Candida Auris.

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