I read a scientific study a few years back that looked at how the vessel affected the flavor of a beverage.

I remember the first time that I drank milk from a coffee mug:  the milk was right out of the refrigerator, the mug was room temperature (just like a glass would be), but the milk tasted different. It was still milk, the mug was clean, but it was just, somehow, different.

When I read that study, the memories of the milk/mug came rushing back to me, and I said "A-HA!!  I KNEW IT!!".  Or, something like that.

Experts Judge The Annual International Wine Challenge

When you drink wine from a mug, or coffee from a wine flute, your brain tells you that something is different, only because it is not what we are expecting (like having a date show up at your house wearing a chicken suit; you'll probably still have fun on the date, but it's different).

This study suggests that our brains judge the flavor of a beverage by how the container feels in our hands.

Try it yourself:  the next time you want a glass of wine for breakfast, pour it into a coffee mug.  You know, just for the sake of science.  Don't worry, your neighbors will think you are drinking coffee (unless you come outside in your chicken suit).

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