Camp Bon Coeur, a summer camp for children with heart defects, is accepting camper and staff applications for its 31st summer camp session.

The 2016 camp will take place from June 18th – June 24th at the Rosaryville Spirit Life Center in Ponchatoula, LA. The new location offers all you’d expect from a summer camp with a huge lake, large open fields, nature trails, an archery range, swimming pool and much more.

Our campers participate in a wide variety of activities including Heart Class, where they will learn about their hearts and dissect a cow’s heart. Camp Bon Couer is available to kids between the ages of 7-16 years old and were born with a congenital heart defect.

For more information or to apply for camp as a camper or staff member, please call the Camp Office at 337.233.8437 or email


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