New Orleans Saints All-Pro defensive end Cam Jordan is underpaid. He knows it. The Saints know it. Everyone knows it.

Is he worried about his next deal? Not really.


Should he be the highest paid defensive player in the league like Khalil Mack? No, but he also shouldn't make less than half of what Mack makes annually.

In a great story from ESPN NFL Nation reporter Mike Triplett, Jordan shares his desire to be a "Saints Lifer".

"I would love to say, 'Hey, I want a megadeal.' I don't really," Jordan said. "I just want to be secure in my job. Now to be sure, do I need to be updated? No doubt. But do I want to be like, 'Hey, I want to break Aaron Donald bank or go after Khalil Mack money even though I have better than Khalil Mack numbers in most categories?' No.


For me it's all about just being around my team, making sure that my family and my team is gonna be my family and my team for as long as I can play.

Saints can't avoid upcoming megadeals - Mike Triplett

Jordan also shared the great rapport and respect he shares with the organization.

I hope the Saints take care of Jordan with a deal he's certainly earned.

As Drew Brees, 40, will head to retirement sooner than most players on the New Orleans roster, Jordan is the kind of guy you want to be the face of the franchise.

He wants to be a "Saints Lifer". The team needs to make sure he is.

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