All-Pro defensive end Cam Jordan plays his role in the buddy cop blockbuster trailer the Saints used to promote their 2021 schedule release, and did not disappoint.

"A stud is born."

My favorite part is the expected dig at the Falcons.

28-3 jokes truly never get old.

Jordan is no stranger to satirical videos. He starred in a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air parody seven weeks ago. [Watch it here]

Veteran actor and New Orleans native Lance Nichols plays his role as the old wily detective to perfection, and the Brees cameo was a nice touch.

NFL social media teams are attempting creative ways to promote their schedule release each year.

While the Saints took an obligatory shot at the Falcons, Atlanta had a few jokes of their own about New Orleans.

The arch-rivals will face off against one another at the midway point and end of the season.

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