If you’re anything like me, and you spend half of movies set in enviable houses admiring the location and set decor, you definitely noticed the Call Me By Your Name house, by far a standout of 2017’s movie houses (and 2017 gave us The Killing of a Sacred Deer!). The Italian villa in the Moscazzano countryside has been listed for sale, which is great news for any movie fans who have a little more than $2 million dollars burning a hole in their pocket.

Director Luca Guadagnino, famous for the sensuous locations he picks for his films like I Am Love and A Bigger Splash, knew exactly where he wanted to set his adaptation of Andre Aciman’s coming of age novel. As he told Architectural Digest, he knew about the house before and almost bought it before he realized that he didn’t need it, but, for his movie, he loved “this place with faded, aristocratic charm, that a professor and his wife might have inherited but can’t quite keep up.”

According to Curbed, the villa, with its artfully peeling walls and creaky floors and fireplaces that just beg you to sit in front of them while weeping silent tears, can be yours for merely 1.7 million Euro (that’s about $2.1 million USD), which seems like a reasonable price for an Oscar-nominated house. It’s about 15,000 square feet of architecture that the listing says dates back to the 1500s, with around five acres of grounds for you to plant a few peach trees.

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