Caleb's story tugs at my heart while his smile lights up my heart. Caleb is from the Bahamas and was 5 years old when he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. His mother already lost a son, Caleb’s older brother. She was terrified of losing another child.  Being from the Bahamas and knowing they would never be able to afford treatment, they went straight to St. Jude where he began treatment immediately.  Now, he is 19 old and he is a student at the University of Memphis. He is also an intern at St. Jude ALSAC.

As a mother who lost my eldest son, the thought of losing my other son is something that terrifies me. I immediately put myself in his mother’s shoes. Also, Caleb’s personality reminded me so much of my son, Cameron. Naturally, I connected to him and his story. This is my "St. Jude Moment".

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Caleb is still alive and he is living an incredible life because of people like you! Help to save more children. Help to find a cure for childhood cancer. Become a Partner In Hope now by texting L-I-V-E to the number 626262. It’s that easy. All it takes is $20 a month. That is a little more than 50 CENTS a day. Thank you to everyone who has already become a Partner in Hope.