Today’s Groundhog Day, in case you weren’t aware. Punxsutawney Phil reportedly didn’t see his shadow this morning. That supposedly means there will be an early spring. We do things a little differently here in south Louisiana.

We have our own everything, music, food, customs, even our own weather forecasting rodent. We have a nutria, named Pierre C. Shadeaux, residing at Zoosiana, the Zoo of Acadiana. Pierre makes a groundhog day prediction of his own. If Pierre sees his shadeaux, it means a short spring, and a long, hot summer. If not, a long spring, short summer.

When Pierre emerged for his annual prediction, after reportedly enjoying a breakfast of Community Coffee and beignets, he did not see his shadow. I doubt that will break the hearts of any in Acadiana, especially my significant other, given that she works outdoors.

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