If a hurricane is set to hit anywhere in the United States, you better believe the Cajun Navy will be there to help where they can.

The Cajun Navy, now featuring volunteers from all over the country, epitomizes what I feel makes Louisiana so great. Our people are the kindest you'll ever find, and we'll never shy away from opportunities to help those in need.

This week, our United Cajun Navy has arrived and set up shop in Jacksonville, Florida as Hurricane Dorian sets it's sights in Florida. After hitting the Bahamas, Dorian has started making way towards Florida.

The Cajun Navy spent Labor Day weekend gathering supplies for locals and delivering them.  Dorian is expected top bring flooding to many areas in Florida. To help with that, the Cajun Navy has unleashed several "chainsaw teams" to help local first responders during water rescues.

As always, our prayers are with those affected and we're proud once again of the Cajun Navy for being there to help.

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