I have spent many a day on many a cruise ship and I have never seen anything like this. This video is from Marla DeAnn Haase and she is currently aboard the Carnival Dream. The Dream is one of two ships that sail out of the port of New Orleans. If you'll pardon the lack of creativity, this Dream is more like a nightmare because of a busted pipe.

This incident was confirmed by Carnival late in the day on Thursday, May 4th. Apparently, a pipe burst on Deck 9 and as you can see from the video the water is doing what water does, it is seeking the lowest level.

In a subsequent post on her Facebook account, Marla said that she and her family had been moved to the floor above the spa facility on the ship. They are sleeping on yoga mats while crews clean up the water and repair the damage.

A report on NOLA.com suggested that passengers had the option of disembarking the ship on Friday with a full 100% refund on their cruise, plus a 50% discount on their next cruise. You have to admit, that's about as fair of an offer as the company could make. Let's face it, things happen, things break at least Carnival is attempting to restore goodwill among their customers.

The company also noted that this incident would not affect the Carnival Dreams next departure from New Orleans on May 6th, that's tomorrow. Repairs should be completed, the cabins scrubbed, the carpets cleaned, repaired or replaced, and all will be back to as close to normal.

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