Many parents on social media are reacting to a video of a parent and a school bus driver getting into a shouting match. The parent was filming as the bus pulled up and when the doors opened, she told the bus driver, "Please don't yell at my kids today".

Twitter via @2RBoSi
Twitter via @2RBoSi

"Ain't no way in hell I'd let my baby get back on that bus"

"Time to start driving your kids to school yourself"

"No way I'd put my kids on that bus!"

These were all reactions to a video on social media that showed an early morning interaction between a concerned parent and a school bus driver.

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Apparently, this parent had an issue with the way this school bus driver was keeping things in check whilst on the way to and from school.

"I'm asking you not to yell at my kids... they cry everyday", the mother yelled at the bus driver.

"How dare you?", the driver retorts.

See the full video of the interaction via @2RBoSi on Twitter below.

See what some folks on social media had to say about the video below.

Some were even concerned with how the driver was operating the bus.

While some think the parent should take up the issue with the school...

Others recognize that a bus full of school children can be a bit hectic...

Whatever the solution may be for this issue, I think this parent could have gone about the problem in a better way. If the bus driver has a habit of yelling at kids, then confronting her about it is probably not the best plan of action.

I can understand that when momma-bear instincts kick-in, there is only one thing to do - act. While I am sure this mother is happy she stood up for her kids, I worry that the children may only get worse treatment since this bus driver most definitely holds some resentment for the mother at this point.

What do you think?

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