Several Facebook Events have popped up, proclaiming September 15th to be "Burn The Mask Day".

The slogan for "Burn The Mask Day" is "It Stops When We Say So" and it appears to be a protest against mask mandates set forth by municipalities and states across the country. The event doesn't require a gathering, doesn't have a set time, and doesn't have a location. It just encourages everyone to stop wearing a mask.


Some people believe that the coronavirus is an attempt to remove President Donald Trump from office and some believe that the coronavirus is an attempt to kill off our older generations. There is a portion of our population that thinks we should rip off the band-aid and just let the virus run its course (no word on whether that portion of the population is overrun with doctors or scientists).

I can't help but think of what my parents and my grandparents would think of the people who are refusing to don a mask.   They lived through the war "effort", a time when everyone across the country came together to help the Allies win WWII. From rationing food, metal, rubber, and other items to volunteering to actually go and fight, the country came together to battle something bigger than each of us. Fighting coronavirus is very much like fighting a war: we all must do our part. Our part should be preventing the spread of the virus by any means possible until we get a handle on how to treat and/or prevent the virus.

Now, before you get on my case about the economy: of course I want the economy to rebound. I want to start shopping again, start eating at restaurants again, and start hanging out with my friends again. I want my life back, too, but not at the expense of others losing theirs.


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