After a Burger King employee received a goodie bag of gifts from his employer after 27 years of work, the internet has mixed reactions to the gesture. While the employee seems to be very appreciative of the gift, some online do not see it the same way.

He didn't miss a day of work in 27 years...

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Folks often say to find what you love to do and hold onto it. While many spend their lives jumping from job-to-job trying to find that thing that satisfies their needs, one man found his niche 27 years ago.

A Burger King employee was celebrating his 27-year work anniversary and received a goody bag with gifts inside from his employer.

Twitter via @mymixtapez
Twitter via @mymixtapez

While the employee seemed satisfied with the gift, many online had opinions on the clip.

Burger King Employee Receives Goodie Bag after 27 Years of Work

See the video of the moment the employee received his gift shared by @mymixtapez on Twitter below.

In the goodie bag were the following items.

  • A movie ticket
  • A bag of Reece's Pieces
  • A reusable clear cup from Starbucks
  • A lanyard
  • Two pens
  • Two packs of Lifesavers

The employee is very appreciative of the gift provided by his employer, but many on social media have reacted differently.

See reactions coming from Twitter below.

Some even tagged Burger King on Twitter.

But the myriad of reactions have continued to pour in.

What do you think? Did this employee deserve more? Or do people expect too much from their workplace? Let us know in the comments.

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