It's a sad fact that 22 American Veterans take their own lives by suicide every day.  Buddy Check 22 is a way to help prevent veteran suicide.

Buddy Check 22, set for October 22, is a day to call a veteran that you know and check in on them to hopefully change the fact that 22 veterans a day commit suicide. The best part of this is that you don't have to go ANYWHERE to participate: you can make calls from wherever you are.
Invite your friends, have them invite theirs, and be a part of something that may just save a life. It's 2 minutes out of your day, and every veteran deserves to know that we still care about them.  Know this: you don't have to wait until October 22 to get participate; you can start making calls right now.  Actually, the sooner you start, the better our chances will be to reduce veteran suicide.
On the Facebook Event page for Buddy Check 22, a funeral director chimed in with this:
As a funeral director, I have seen first-hand the grief and helplessness as families suffer the loss of their loved one and the lost potential their lives had, except for lack of understanding and support. This program is awesome and along with Battle Buddies foundation we can make a difference. - Chiquita Matthews, Facebook
We all know a veteran.  Even  if your veteran friend or family member seems to be doing okay, still take the time to give him/her a call.
From another post on Facebook, Shannon has fond memories of her Uncle Louis:
I would love to call my Uncle Louis, but he took his life April 2005. My fondest memories of him are riding to the basketball away games with him and my grandfather. Uncle Louis always called me PeeWee; and, walking through our little town of ‪#‎Pentwater‬ and seeing him sitting on the bench in front of the police station just watching the tourist walking around; and getting veges from his vegetable stand down at the end of his drive way. I was stationed at ‪#‎Landstuhl‬ Regional Medical Center in Germany when I got the call from my mom that he was gone. I love you,  Uncle Louis and you are one of my guardian angels, always keeping my 6. Save me a seat on your bench for when I join you. - Shannon Tyler, Facebook
Take a few minutes on October 22, or today, or every day, to reach out to a veteran to let him or her know that their sacrifices are appreciated.  You could be saving a life.



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