One Tampa Bay Buccaneers media outlet is viewing Jameis Winston's season-ending injury as the sure-fire route for the Bucs to win the NFC South. While the Bucs took their 'L' and left New Orleans, the Twitter account who reported the egregious take is receiving their own backlash.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints
Sean Gardner

After the New Orleans Saints defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, fans had mixed emotions knowing that Jameis Winston was down with a serious knee injury. But, that didn't stop Saints fans from assisting a Bucs fan by pushing his dead electric wheelchair all the way back to his hotel.


Lending a helping hand isn't something the good people in New Orleans do for a pat-on-the-back. It also doesn't matter what city or team you represent, if someone is down - folks in Louisiana are there to help.

The energy coming from one Bucs outlet doesn't seem to reciprocate, for example, the kind-hearted gesture displayed by the Saints fans above. That outlet is now receiving much-deserved criticism online for their outlook on Jameis Winston's season ending injury.

See the article shared by the outlet @JoeBucsFan via Twitter below.

The account @JoeBucsFan bio says that they are credentialed members of the NFL and Bucs media and that they're, "Tampa's go-to site". From the looks of the responses to this article on social media, I am not quite sure which Bucs fans want to be associated with the outlet at this time.

Even the man who made the tackle, Devin White, felt for Winston and you can see his thoughts below via @JennaLaineESPN on Twitter.

Many fans of the Saints, along with fans of other teams, responded to the article and you can see that response below.

Even actual fans of the Bucs couldn't agree with the take.

For those curious of what @JoeBucsFan actually wrote but don't feel like giving him the website traffic, you can read what was written via @MasonGinsberg on Twitter.

Of course, @JoeBucsFan did not agree with the penalty called on the play.

Agree with the call or not, Jameis Winston was injured on the tackle and the outlet proceeded to take that injury and make it a top-highlight from the Bucs loss in New Orleans.

@JoeBucsFan is hearing it from all corners of Twitter. Here are some of those posts.

While the reigning Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers should have plenty of takeaways (maybe their quarterback who is widely accepted as the G.O.A.T.), this outlet has gotten the attention it so desired with a tone-deaf at best, egregious at worst take on a rivals injured quarterback.

The same quarterback who put in some hard work during his own time in Tampa Bay, but last season Championship under Tampa-Tom must've blinded this outlet from any past transgressions.

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Michael Reaves, Getty Images

As a Saints fan, I first wish Jameis Winston the best in his recovery. He was on a roll and had eliminated his tendency to turn the ball over under the coaching of Sean Payton. I think it's unfortunate for just about everyone in the NFL that we won't get to watch Winston on Sundays, but @JoeBucsFan just sees the quarterback issue in New Orleans as way for the Bucs to win the division.

In a pivotal season for Winston's career as a starting quarterback in the NFL, this take from someone who considers themselves a longtime NFL media member just has no feel.

Whether its's Taysom Hill, Trevor Semien, or some other quarterback - the Bucs will have to face the Saints again this regular season. We will see how that game pans out, but just know one thing...

The #WhoDatNation won't forget this.



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