Jamie Lynn Spears has fired back at trolls who are convinced Britney Spears is being held against her will.

As previously reported, the pop star checked herself into a mental health facility earlier this month to reportedly deal with stress due to her father Jamie’s health battle. But since the news broke, there are fans who truly believe she's being forced into treatment, which prompted them to start protesting the streets with the hashtag #FreeBritney.

As a result, her family has been dealing with a ton of scrutiny even though Britney's probably not being held against her will and just seeking help so she can focus on herself.

Now, Jamie Lynn has taken to social media to break her silence and put an end to all the conspiracy theories surrounding her older sister's health. In response, the Zoey 101 alum posted a throwback video that sees her fiercely defend Britney as paparazzi swarm them. In the clip, one person screams, "Nobody wants you in this neighborhood" to which Jamie Lynn snaps back, "Well then move the f--k out."

"Ten years ago, who was there?? I have been here long before anyone else, and I’ll be here long after. I love my sister with everything I have," she wrote alongside the 2007 video. "So, anyone or anything that speaks to the contrary can GTFOH with all the comments about what you don’t understand."

"Don’t come for me or the ones I love anymore. You can move the 'blank' outta here with all that, just like this other lady who was running her mouth," she added in a second tweet.

Britney is currently still seeking treatment but left the facility over the weekend to spend Easter with her boyfriend Sam Asghari at the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel.

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