A thrifty bride is being roasted on TikTok after baking her own "ugly" wedding cake in an attempt to save money for her big day.

"Some say I must be joking, but I love it," Laura, who posts content on TikTok under the username @DarlingGoose, says in her viral video, which has garnered over 225,000 likes.

The video shows a series of clips of Laura as she carefully plans and crafts her wedding cake.

"I'm getting married in two days, and today I'm baking our wedding cake," Laura explains.

Laura shows viewers several boxes of Betty Crocker rainbow cake mix and multiple cake pans before she carefully ices each layer of her cake, stacking each tier on top of the next.

She then decorates it with multi-colored sprinkles and adds a large cake topper featuring her new last name.

"Not sure if making my wedding cake at midnight the night before my wedding was the best idea," she jokes in the caption.

Watch below:

Despite her best efforts, her final result was met with criticism in the comments.

"Is this a joke? It looks more like it's for a birthday," one user weighed in.

"I can hear your guests judging," someone else offered.

"Why didn't you practice first?" another wrote.

Other comments were supportive of Laura and her creative financial planning.

"Former professional here… you did great! Looks beautiful and will taste awesome too. Congratulations!" one user commented.

"It's gorgeous. It is made from the heart. Ignore anything negative. You're beautiful, and I hope your big day was fabulous!" another viewer wrote.

"Thank god someone has some common sense and doesn't pay 500 for a wedding cake. You're beautiful! Let that shine, not your cake!!!!" someone else commented.

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