I'm sure you are familiar with the saying, "No good deed goes unpunished". That's one way to describe what happened when a woman in Breaux Bridge was attacked while trying to help a man.

According to what Pranella Andrus told KLFY TV-10 her sister was attacked by four pit bulls Tuesday night. Pranella says her sister J-Lo was trying to help the man with a medical emergency when the attack happened. J-Lo (given name Bertha) is have to recover from this vicious attack.

Pranella wants to know what is going to happen to these dogs. She says it is terrible for her sister's family to have to see her hurting so badly.

Babineaux Street at Landry Street in Breaux Bridge

As far as Breaux Bridge Police officials they would not comment other than to say that there is an investigation ongoing into what the circumstances are and how things unfolded Tuesday night.

The man who was helped by J-Lo and is the owner of the dogs was contacted by KLFY, but he said he did not want to make an on-camera statement at this time.

The man told Channel Ten he feels very badly about what happened to J-Lo as she was only trying to help him.

Blood from Dog Attack Scene
Photo courtesy of KLFY

Pranella says she is wondering why nothing is happening with these dogs. The dogs are still with the owner, and she says, "My only main concern is getting those dogs put away before something really happens very very bad."

According to Pranella her sister was bit six times by the dogs, and she had to have surgery as the meat was ripped from her leg.

We will keep you posted as more details become available.

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