There is a brain injury group in Acadiana that provides resources to anyone suffering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

The AMAZE Foundation is set on giving a voice to people in Acadiana who are suffering from this usually silent epidemic. Most times, symptoms from brain injuries are not visible to the naked eye.

In the United States, brain injury occurs every 13 seconds, affecting 6,000 American people daily, and 2.8 million Americans every year.

People with TBI and other brain issues often find their resources abruptly halted (for one reason or another) when they need them the most. AMAZE seeks out modes of treatment that can help with lingering symptoms often left over after initial treatments are complete or no longer available.

The AMAZE Brain Injury Group also provides support by making available a network of resources, including treatment ideas, medical resource lists, groundbreaking discoveries in TBI treatment, and social support through interaction with other victims of TBI.

AMAZE hosts monthly meetings and a yearly seminar that gathers wellness professionals to help heal symptoms related to brain issues

The organization believes that by banding together and sharing resources and supporting each other, a clearer road to healing might be realized.

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