Little kids like to stick things inside their mouths, ears and noses. From toy soldiers and toy cars, to carrot sticks, pencils, crayons and more, some curious toddler somewhere has jammed it down his gullet or into his nose.

Sometimes it isn’t a bid deal, but sometimes it can be life threatening, and calls for a trip to the emergency room. For one Salt Lake City boy, his decision to jam a toy wheel into his nose affected his overall health, and his sense of smell, for three years.

Isaak Lasson, who is now six-years-old, battled against endless nasal congestion, lots of snoring, plus a loss of smell. His parents didn’t know what the cause of his condition was, until a doctor finally ran a special camera up inside the boy’s nose. What they were surprised to find was a ball of fungus, with a small rubber wheel from one of Isaak’s toys encased inside of it, lodged inside Isaak’s nasal cavity. That little wheel caused Mr. and Mrs. Lasson’s son plenty of discomfort and grief over the years.

Since the toy wheel was removed, Isaak can now smell aromas much better, he has a stronger appetite, and his energy levels have gone way up. Isaak is very proud of the toy he carried inside his nose for three years, and he is extremely happy to show it off to his friends. Hopefully the rubber wheel has now been properly sanitized.

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