The first day of 'phase one' was a tough one for Deano's Pizza on Bertrand and Deano's Pizza South. Both Deano's Pizza locations were struck by lightning simultaneously Thursday evening.

Thursday evening storms caused havoc for the opening of both Deano's locations today as Acadiana begins to climb out from the aftermath of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. During the heavy storms that rolled through the Acadiana area, in an unprecedented turn of events, both Deano's Pizza locations were struck by lightning at the same time.

Owner Tim Metcalf took to Facebook to explain.

Our Bertrand restaurant lost all its kitchen lights last night, we were able to put up portable lights to get through the night because I have the best staff in town and the electrician came this morning and fixed it. One of South's parking lot poles got hit, sent a surge into the building, a couple of computer issues and some circuit breakers are being replaced today. The restaurants are several miles apart and got hit simultaneously!


Deano's, Facebook
Deano's, Facebook

Because of Metcalf and his awesome staff, both Deano's locations are up and running, COVID-19 Compliant, and welcome you this weekend.

[Via: KATC]

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