[UPDATE 2] Six Louisiana colleges and one Texas college were evacuated today due to bomb threats. All cases have ended with officials finding no evidence of explosives.

These were the seven schools that were targeted:

It seems that all of the schools received the threats around the same time this morning. It is unclear at this time if these threats were all related.

According to Louisiana law, any person found guilty of calling in a bomb threat to a school or firearm-free zone faces up to 20 years in prison with hard labor.

[UPDATE] WDSU reports that Nunez Community College in Chalmette, La. is also reporting evacuations due to a bomb threat, according to a text sent to students.

[Original Story] Police are investigating bomb threats at two Louisiana schools.


According to KLFY, two bomb threats were called into two different Louisiana schools today. One at UL-Lafayette and one at SLCC Morgan City. Police are asking people to stay away from areas of each campus until they give the all-clear.

According to texts sent to students this morning, officials at UL-Lafayette report that police and fire authorities are responding to a bomb threat at Martin Hall and F.G. Mouton Hall.

According to officials, the Morgan City campus of SLCC is asking people to evacuate the campus as well, due to a bomb threat.

This is an active investigation and we will update the story as we get more info.

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