UPDATE: The ALL CLEAR has been given.


UPDATE: Our news partners at KATC say a "serious" bomb threat "and also threats of shooting" is causing students to be escorted from Abbeville High School.


Abbeville Police and the Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office is investigating a situation at Abbeville High School, according to our news partners at KATC. Details are limited at this time.

Prinicipal Janet sent this message out:

Parent and guardians, Due to an emergency, Abbeville High School is closed. Buses are loading the students as we speak to go home. Car riders may pick up their child at 2:15 to allow all buses to leave. Student drivers were the first to leave school. All students were escorted by police to the parking lot or bus. More information will be release at a later date. We are working with police, sheriff, swat and the school district to ensure a safe and secure release of Abbeville High School.

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