President Trump's former campaign manager was taken into custody by Florida police today, and the incident was caught on body cam.

Brad Parscale was a senior advisor to President Trump's campaign until July when the campaign decided to go in a different direction.

Parscale's wife called 911 earlier today to report that he was acting in a suicidal manner and that he had roughed her up. When police initially showed up, Parscale refused to exit the home, and a stand-off began. After about an hour, another police officer (who describes himself as a personal friend of Parscale) arrived and was able to talk a now-calm Parscale into exiting the home.

Once outside, Parscale appeared calm and was speaking with an officer when other officers tackled and cuffed him in order to take him in for evaluation.

Some are calling the "take-down" method into question, as it appears that Parscale was calm and was cooperating. Of course, we don't know what happened prior to this video, but some are calling the force used here excessive.

What are your thoughts?


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