Bobby Flay is staying on the Food Network!

It was reported back in October of 2021 that Bobby Flay and the Food Network would be parting ways at the beginning of 2022. However, they seem to have reached an agreement that both sides are happy with.

While the details of the negotiation and contract are not entirely known it can be assumed that the deal that was reached had a lofty number associated with it. What we do know from the contract is that Bobby will stay with Discovery’s Food Network for another 3 years. He will also expand the scope of the network's content opportunities.

“We are thrilled to continue Bobby Flay’s long-standing relationship with Food Network. He captivates our audience with his incredible culinary skill, fierce competitive spirit and his trademark ability to share a deep passion for food,” said Courtney White, president of Food Network and food streaming content for Discovery. “Bobby generously invites viewers into his culinary world, sharing his #WeCook philosophy and inspiring everyone in the kitchen. Continuing this creative relationship with such an extraordinary talent is the perfect way to usher in the holidays.”

Bobby Flay has been on the network since 1994 and has become a staple since then. Flay did say that he searched for another network to work with but ultimately agreed that the best fit was with the Food Network.

People immediately took to Twitter to express their happiness or in some cases their displeasure with the announcement.

“I have an amazing family at Food Network and a great foundation. And I have a sizable library of food television here,” Flay said. “I’m a lucky person. I grew up in a time when this country finally decided that food was important.”

It is Bobby’s hope that he can push the boundaries on what is considered “food-centric programming” now that Discovery has more outlets for programming on TV and with the streaming service. Flay has already teamed up with his daughter, Sophie, for an upcoming series called “Bobby and Sophie on the West Coast.”

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