Whether you like it or not,the holidays are here in full force. Other than the fact that we started seeing Christmas commercials the millisecond after Halloween ended is beside the point. It's here, so get ready.

If you love the madness of Black Friday, then you are in luck, because we now have an app for that. Yes, an actual Black Friday app. You can get all the breaking 2017 ads, find the best deals, and save yourself a lot of time running from one retail establishment to another. And yes, it includes all your favorites stores and sites! You can even set your wish list, and (this will go over great in my family) share the deals with others. You can also conveniently check out blackfriday.com for updates.

I personally love shopping on Black Friday, even though there are now more stores than ever that open on Thanksgiving for the big sales.

The Black Friday app is available for all android and iOS devices. Happy shopping, y'all!

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