Is it written somewhere in Louisiana's Constitution that the mission of the State Legislature is to make things more difficult than they need to be? It sure seems that way when it comes to legislation on fantasy sports that will now go to the full House of Representatives for debate.

That legislation that would make playing fantasy sports on sites like DraftKings and FanDuel legal has a rather unique stipulation in its language. That language says that you or I can only play fantasy sports online if we are inside a card checking over-21 only establishments like video poker stops, bars, or casinos.

Wait, What?!?

Does that mean if I want to start Joe Flacco against the Bills in my neighborhood fantasy football league I can't make the transaction inside the privacy of my own home? According to the language in a bill that is scheduled for debate before the full House on Tuesday that would be the case.

Here's the reasoning, those who want to legalize fantasy sports but restrict where it can be played online say the activity will pull money away from legitimate in-state establishments. Those establishments pay taxes, a lot of taxes, and the online fantasy sports folks are from out of state and won't be paying that much in taxes if fantasy sports are legalized.

Those who support online fantasy sports and are opposed to this particular stipulation say the restriction is in violation of the spirit of what voters approved when they asked for fantasy sports legalization to be considered in the state.


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