If you are a Fantasy Sports player, you may soon be able to wager on your team in Louisiana.

According to the Associated Press, Louisiana House Bill 64 will allow some residents of Louisiana 21 years of age and older to wager on Fantasy Sports. The bill recently passed both the Louisiana House and Senate and, today, it was agreed that the tax on the betting would be 8%. The monies generated from the tax will benefit early childhood learning programs.

Depending on the parish in which you reside, you may soon be betting on your team, as long as the team does not include any high school or youth sporting events and your parish is one of the 75% of the Louisiana parishes allowing the wagers.

If you are unaware of what Fantasy Sports is all about, this Wiki page explains it pretty well.

Fantasy Football is huge just within this building, so I am hoping that the taxes realized from the online wagers will be a big boost for Louisiana's education system (unless we get Louisiana Lottery Part Deaux, of which some are legitimately concerned).


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