Today is a glorious day as multiple sources have revealed that Beyoncé delivered her twins over the weekend (or possibly last week). However, there hasn’t been an official confirmation from the Carters just yet.

Obviously, the couple want to keep things very private and announce the twins on their own time, which is totally understandable. Although Beyoncé hasn’t made announcement, her estranged dad, Mathew Knowles, decided to make it public that his twin grandbabies did in fact arrived.

“They’re here!” he tweeted on Sunday (June 18) with hashtags for Jay Z, Beyoncé and a picture of a card reading, “Happy Birthday to the twins! Love, Granddad.”

Since it’s Father’s Day, Mathew’s tweet seemed innocent enough, but for the Beyhive (aka Beyonce’s fans) this was an act of treason. The Beyhive swarmed on Mathew’s mentions and delivered the slander for announcing the birth of the twins before Queen Bey.

"How dare Matthew Knowles raggedy ass announce the twins birth before Bey when we all already know she didn't even tell him she was pregnant," tweeted one fan. Another person wrote, "Matthew Knowles is that father who is hella absent but brags on everything you accomplish."

Mathew has been a thorn on the Beyhive's side since he and Tina Knowles finalized their divorce in 2011 amid rumors of infidelity on Mathew's end. Nevertheless, he might want to stay off Twitter until Bey and Jay makes an announcement.

Check out the Beyhive's slander of Mathew Knowles below. Happy Father's Day!

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Mike Coppola / John Sciulli / Al Bello, Getty Images

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