I'm reminded of a line from one of the Batman movies, "Some men just want to watch the world burn." When an event traumatizes people all over the world, it seems like there are those who pour gasoline on the fire. Bogus news items appear on the internet, especially in social media. Remember the stories About the missing Malaysian airliner being found? "Click here to watch Robin Williams' suicide video"? Many of these stories are links to viruses, or malicious websites. The Horrific events in Orlando have people frightened, and hungry for information.

Hackers prey on people's hunger for information, and their fears. A friend shared a link on his Facebook page Monday morning that didn't look quite right to me. It's pictured above. When I Googled the website on my iphone, a pop up appeared, saying I may have won an obscene amount of money. There was no option to "X-out" of it, only a button to click "OK"...Uh, no! I deleted & reinstalled the app. Major news outlets like CBS, ABC, NBC, Al Jazeera & the BBC have global resources. If such a story comes only from an unfamiliar source, that should arouse suspicion. Why do people do such things? As Alfred put it, "Some men just want to watch the world burn."


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