Throughout the history of mankind, we as a species have always been known to pool our resources. If our ancestors of the ancient realm found a place where fruit was abundant, they grabbed as much as they could. As we learned to grow our own food through farming and agriculture, we practiced the habit of putting some back for leaner times especially when the harvest was bountiful.

Sometimes in our haste to store things different foods would become mixed or perhaps they were served on a common plate and their flavors mingled. In some cases, we had what the iconic painter Bob Ross would call happy accidents. In other cases when the flavors weren’t compatible, we made a note and remembered to grab a separate dish.

Blue Bell
Blue Bell

Then as society became more refined and dining wasn’t just a source of staying alive but one of life’s greatest pleasures we started scientifically and artfully combining foods and flavors to create experiences our minds will remember through the talents of our tastebuds.

Over time some combinations became synonymous with each other. Take peanut butter and jelly it’s an all-American combination. It works on a lot of levels. There is flavor, there is texture, and there is hunger satisfaction too.

Do you remember the very beginnings of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? The whole marketing campaign was based on an accident, “You got chocolate in my peanut butter, no, you got peanut butter on my chocolate” That was from how long ago?

Still, I remember.

Professional chefs get paid a lot of money to experiment with flavors and create unique dishes. Here, at my pay grade, I go to Buc-ee's for snacks and eat Blue Bell Ice Cream as a treat. But that doesn’t mean I can’t personally Bobby Flay myself into creating some incredible goodness based on the two “real” food groups of the American road warrior, namely Buc-ee's snacks and Blue Bell Ice Cream.

Wine Townsquare Media Photo by John Falcon
Staff Photo

Like fine wine and stinky cheese, I have taken the guesswork out mixing and matching the flavors of the little creamery and the big truck stop. Sure, these are outrageous. Some of them may have been concocted by people who were under the influence but not driving. You will have to trust what you know and simply believe that taste, like beauty is in the eye or on the tongue of the beholder.

10 Perfect Pairings of Blue Bell Ice Cream and Snacks from Buc-ee's

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