Let's cut the crap: This Thanksgiving is going to be tough. Whether you're dreading small talk with racist relatives, struggling to reconcile attacks against Native Americans at Standing Rock or are, yourself, a turkey staring down the barrel of the gun, few will make it out the other end of November 24 unscathed.

Thanks to Saturday Night Live's expansive archives, though, we've been granted a built-in coping mechanism (to use, of course, when you're not busy ringing up your local and state representatives and airing your grievances with the current political climate, which you should definitely do).

Yes, with SNL's decades-long collection of Turkey Day sketches at your disposal, you'll achieve unprecedented zen in the unlikeliest places! Spill a glass of bordeaux on your grandmother's newly upholstered sectional? No biggie! Catch your 11-year-old cousin chain-smoking Cloves in the driveway? It simply isn't your problem. If laughter is the best medicine, video of Debbie Downer saying grace is the best sedative.

Look back at 15 of the best Saturday Night Live Thanksgiving Day sketches below and — should all else fail — hide your aunt's famous pumpkin pie in your sock drawer. You're going to need that thing a little later on.

A Seat at the Kids' Thanksgiving Table:

Chris Rock's Pumped-up Thanksgiving:

Adam Sandler's Thanksgiving Song:

A Super-Sized Thanksgiving:

Jennifer Aniston's Thanksgiving, Plus One Stray:

Sarah McLachlan's Thanksgiving — a Feminist's Manifesto:

Thanksgiving Up, Feat. the Charms of Debbie Downer:

Thanksgiving Turkeys — a Race Against Time:

Guy Fieri's Rockin', Poppin' All-American Thanksgiving:

My Thanksgiving Is Better Than Your Thanksgiving, Anne Hathaway:

Happy Thanksgiving, Josh Hutcherson's Dating a Turkey:

Thanksgiving Is For Back-Home Ballers, Too (Right Cameron Diaz?):

Adele's "Hello,"Matthew McConaughey Quell Thanksgiving's Racial Tension:


Thanksgiving, a Shorthand Field Guide:

See a Collection of Celebs Giving Back to Their Communities:

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