All club sandwiches are created equal, right? Not in Acadiana. This is Cajun Country, we do things a little different than the rest of the world including club sandwiches.

In a recent poll, "Where is the Place to Get a Great Club Sandwich in Acadiana", the most popular answer was Hub City Diner located in Lafayette's Oil Center. But we can't give all the attention to Hub City Diner. Many other restaurants in and around Lafayette put their own spin on the classic club making each delicious and unique.

Best Club Sandwiches in Acadiana

The next time you're in the mood for an awesome club, remember these great Acadiana restaurants. Many have been around a long time and appreciate your business.

Remember, some menu listings and store hours have changed or are being updated weekly due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Most Underrated Restaurants in Acadiana

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