New Year's Day is upon us, and for many in Acadiana, celebrations will include popping fireworks. By now, you've probably heard the warnings about staying safe around fireworks--keep a bucket of water nearby, don't hold firecrackers while lighting them, and keep clear of fireworks after they've been lit. If you haven't, here's that warning (skip to the 5:40 mark for the good stuff).

Here's a warning that you might not have heard: Keep veterans who live near you in mind before popping fireworks. According to the Marine Corps Community Services, unexpected fireworks blasts could trigger veterans (and others) living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to the MCCS:

Many Marines with PTSD can mentally prepare for planned events, like ones that occur annually in their hometowns. But . . . the unexpected rat-a-tat of firecrackers could bring them back to the battlefield and set them on edge.

So before you begin popping fireworks in your yard, keep others who live around you in mind. They'll be thankful you did.

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