How talented is this kid?

Watch as a young man warms up on the pitcher's mound and he does so by throwing with both his left and right hand.

He has a glove that is specially made for him to switch hands and his velocity seems to be equal with both options.

When facing a left-handed batter, he throws left hands, and when he is throwing to a right-handed batter he goes with the right hand. This is phenomenal.

Check out this kid and appreciate the talent he possesses, it's that great.[0]=AZUwuAf6bu4Fi0VbYX2H9SRw8J6GkEaeQD6Bmnwauzn6nOFhHtm1If2Ox8G7Fc1_zcZnz_SBGKgvwwvdLJ8OZbm7xMSxGLaC60AUUO25k1kemMjiLKDiCurJn9YXDbjZ5FRgLsajl2m3EMfvzKZQiblQCmoHi54e_E9VhyLF7_OaFw&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

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