If you're a child of the 80s and early 90s, you know that at the time there was no place on Earth more magical than ShowBiz Pizza. Hop in the time machine with me real quick and let's go back to the late 80s in Lafayette. Oh, and there's someone in the Times of Acadiana picture you might know!

In a post to the Facebook group "Lafayette Memories"Astor Morgan says he was going through some boxes in his garage and found these pictures from his time working at ShowBiz Pizza on Ambassador Caffery in Lafayette.

Not only did he find a few pics, but he also found some old ShowBiz Pizza skeeball tickets, an old Billy Bob toy, and a Times of Acadiana clipping about the Lafayette ShowBiz Pizza Place from 1987.

Astor, I'm so glad you posted these! When I think back on my childhood, Billy Bob and ShowBiz Pizza certainly hold a very special place.

As I was typing this story, I showed Bruce Mikells the pictures and he asked "Hey, isn't that Michelle Ezell?" Michell Ezell, if you don't already know, is the owner of Tsunami Sushi in Downtown Lafayette. Michelle Ezell, then Michelle Simon, is pictured all the way to the right. Clearly ShowBiz was a magical place because looking at this picture from 1987 she hasn't aged a minute.

ShowBiz Pizza was located on Ambassador Caffery where Hooters is now.

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