I once read a magazine article that said, "The Cajuns of south Louisiana are so fond of drinking and dancing, they'll hold a festival to celebrate a flat tire." That's not far from the truth. It's carnival season. We're gearing up for the biggest party of the year, Mardi - Gras! Folks will be consuming a wide variety of "adult beverages." If your resolution for 2018 involved anything related to weight loss, and health, there are some beverages you may want to avoid.

Long Island Tea: It's a mixture of 4 liquors, and Coca - Cola. It contains a ton of sugar and goes down WAY too wasy. Hangover in a glass.

Mudslide: Cream, or ice cream, Bailey's and Kahlua. This milkshake packs anywhere from 540- 800 calories.

Daiquiri: Get one in a big "go -up" & you're downing as many as 1,000 calories.

Margarita: salt, up to 52 grams of sugar, 500 calories.

Pina Colada: More calories (560) than a Big Mac.

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