According to the latest Farm Bureau Survey the average price of a Thanksgiving meal (enough to feed 10 people plus leftovers) has gone up one cent from last year. From 48 dollars and 90 cents, to $48.91.

Some food items have gone up in price, but it seems the centerpiece for the whole holiday has gone down quite a bit. The average price for a 16 pound turkey last year was just over 20 dollars, and now in certain stores, it's been reported that you can get a bird for as low as 37 cents a pound.

Now, something you should understand about this, is these results do not reflect a typical Louisiana Thanksgiving. Most of the Thanksgiving celebrations I've been to in the state have had enough food for 10 people to eat leftovers until Christmas. So, if you're a typical Louisiana citizen, take those numbers with a grain of salt (and a stick of butter).

However you decide to celebrate this year, just remember that this holiday is all about giving thanks for all the important people in your life. (And FOOD)