Things got a little interesting following the Auburn/Florida softball game on Monday night, as a player and a coach got into it in the handshake line.

Below, we see the altercation between Auburn senior shortstop baseman Haley Fagan and Florida head coach Tim Walton.

Following Auburn's 1-0 win, Fagan didn't have her hand up as the two teams were congratulating one another, and Walton's wrist gets Fagan's right shoulder.

Fagan responded by giving Walton a mild push from behind.

Normally, I wouldn't think twice about this, except that Fagan had to be pulled back by teammates, obviously upset.

The other thing worth noting is that there is some history between Walton and the Fagan family, as both of Haley's sisters played for Walton, before being kicked off the Florida team.


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