When it comes to sports my coaches always told me to do my best for the love of the game and that is just what one JV Softball Team did. 

While playing their last game The Adairsville JV Softball Team did the unthinkable and loaned their pitcher to the opposing team. During the game, the team they were playing against was about to lose the game when their pitcher suddenly fell ill. 

"They were struggling and I knew if I didn't step up, the game would have to end and they would have to forfeit. So I just thought, I would love to step up," eighth-grade player Lily Roberts said.

So Lily stepped right up to the plate and played for the other team. She didn’t think twice about it at all, she knew what she had to do and did it. However, Lily didn’t go easy on her own team at all, which left both teams cheering for the 8th-grade pitcher as she struck out her own teammates. 

"I think the other team was really supportive of me coming to pitch for them. I did hear them cheering for me when I was pitching, and it made me feel good," Roberts. 

Lily’s coach hopes that the girls from both teams don’t forget the game. After it was all over and the last play was made no one was quite sure which team won, but all agreed that it was the best game they have ever played.

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