One Atlanta news anchor has chimed in about Coke's America the Beautiful Superbowl commercial.  She calls the nation's reaction "outrageous".

This Monday, the day after the Superbowl, Debbie Ray and I, like many other radio stations across America, hit the air to ask listeners to comment about Coke's Superbowl ad that was getting much negative feedback on social media.  Acadiana, like most of America, was not happy.

One listener said, "This is America, speak English".  Another listener said, "For Coke this was a major fail".

Even though I certainly don't believe Coke intended to offend anyone, maybe even trying to be reminiscent of their 70's "Teach The World To Sing" campaign, the backlash has been pretty severe until now.

11 Alive's Brenda Wood who does a feature called, "The Last Word" in Atlanta where Coke is based, has a different opinion than most who saw the ad.  Now her response is causing reaction.

Who's right?  Who's wrong?  Or is there no right and wrong, just opinion?  You decide.

Original America The Beautiful Superbowl Commercial

Brenda Wood's Response

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