Over the last couple of weeks, there have been multiple raids and arrests across Louisiana over CBD oils and other CBD products. The arrest of a business owner in Lafayette for operating a store called Cajun Cannabis and in Shreveport, where the owner of Cannabis With Love, was arrested and charged by Shreveport Police.

Before we dive too deep into what other states are doing, why is Louisiana struggling with CBD products?

In 2018, President Donald Trump legalized CBD products nationwide when he signed the 2018 Farm Bill. After that, businesses in Louisiana, as well as other states, were granted licenses to sell and distribute CBD products. That's when stores like Cannabis With Love in Shreveport, and Cajun Cannabis in Lafayette, got rolling.

However, earlier this year, the State of Louisiana decided that CBD products were still against the law in the state, going completely against President Trump. Not only was CBD still against the law, the State of Louisiana was still going to consider CBD a "Schedule 1" drug, putting it on the same level as cocaine and heroin. At that point, police departments across the state started going after businesses, that up until that moment had licenses to operate legally.

This process may sound odd, but it's going to sound weirder when we look at what's happening in other states.

When President Trump legalized CBD products, other states refused to push back against the President, and in those states the CBD industry is exploding. Leading to job growth, and big economic impacts.

Major companies are even getting in on the CBD industry, like Jelly Belly jelly beans, Carl's Jr is putting out a CBD Burger, Coca-Cola is looking at options, while others continue to explore opportunities.

In Michigan, a video rental chain has entered the CBD industry. Selling CBD edibles inside the stores.

Yesterday, the Louisiana House took on CBD products, and sort of agreed with the President. The House voted in favor of framework to legalize the the sale of CBD products, but would keep edible CBD products in the illegal territory. The measure passed the House, and will now go in front of the Senate, and if it survives that, it will still need the Governor's signature.

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