Ariana Grande has not been having the best week. She's been dealing with her bad and then somehow made even worse 7 Rings tattoo, and now she's being hit with a lawsuit over her "God Is a Woman" music video.

As TMZ reports, an artist named Vladimir Kush is suing the pop star for copyright infringement due to the scene of her dancing in the candle looking suspiciously like his paintings "The Candle" and "The Candle 2," which were created nearly 20 years ago.

The paintings both portray a flickering candle with a woman as the wick, arms raised up to the heavens. As Kush points out, the music video's imagery features the same cloudy sky, cloud effect around the flame, radiating light beams, and, of course, a woman as the wick.

Kush is suing both Ari and the production company, Freenjoy, for copyright infringement, and notes that this isn't the first time the latter has stolen an artistic work: Remember the "All of the Stars" lawsuit last year? Yeah, that was Freenjoy.

The artist is calling for the video to be removed from the internet, despite it having nearly 200 million views, and counting.

For those wondering if the 26-year-old is fazed by the suit, we think her response to TMZ's tweet says it all:

Pop Stars Hit With Music Lawsuits


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