As vehicles have evolved, have their headlights gotten brighter?

Friends that I've spoken to think that they have. From cars that have "auto-dimming" headlights (they don't dim early enough for my comfort) to vehicles that have LED running lights, it seems that new car lights are brighter.

One thing that some people might not think about when they put lift kits or leveling kits on their vehicles is the effect the kit has on their headlights. Especially with leveling kits that raise the front end of the vehicle, the headlights' angle of attack is changed, providing a better chance of blinding oncoming traffic even when your lights are on dim.

And the new Ford pick-up headlights appear to have 4 lights illuminated, even when the lights are on dim. Anytime an old driver like me sees 4 headlights illuminated, I will issue a bright light challenge.

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