No ink or needles involved, but I wouldn't exactly call them painless. I mean, it's not like getting a sunburn feels good.

So, what is a "sunburn tattoo" exactly? Basically, you just place some type of a stencil on your skin and then go outside. After you've soaked up the sun you take the stencil off and you'll have a design on your skin.

Honestly, this is nothing new. Back in the day my friends and I would put stickers on our skin before we went into the tanning beds, because it would leave a cute design. You know, like a palm tree or a heart or something. It was supposed to be cute and then you could track how tan you were getting.

You can order packs of "sunburn tattoo" stencils from Fun Tan Tattoo for just $9.99.

I do recommend slathering on some sunscreen before you spend anytime in the sun, I don't care if it leaves a cute design or not sunburns are no joke. Or just opt for a spray tan or sunless tanner, which will give you the same fun tattoo without any sun exposure.

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