Every business exists to make a profit That's capitalism, free market economy, or whatever you care to call it. I'm good with that. Banks, however, are gouging us like Mafia loan sharks. At least that's how I see it. They charge people outrageous fees to access their own money, upon which the bank is earning interest to begin with. Consider this. If a bank pays you 2%, 3% or whatever on your deposited funds, they're certainly making more than that on it. Now, let's talk about those fees. USA Today reports, they're at an all time high. ATM fees in Pittsburgh average $5.19, followed by New York city at $5.14. Cleveland & Washington, DC tied for 3rd ($5.11), followed by #5 Atlanta with an average of $5.05. Want to go to a teller, instead? A lot of banks charge for that. Some months ago, I entered a bank at West Congress & Guilbeau in Lafayette, where I withdrew cash from their lobby ATM, and tried to buy a money order with it. The teller refused. I'm a member of a credit union that refunds ATM fees, and I get free checks.

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