One of my contacts on Facebook posted a photo of what appears to be an application for membership into the KKK. According to the post, someone was going door-to-door to hand them out.

She writes that someone in the Egan area (between Crowley and Jennings) was going "door to door handing these out to every white person not even caring that they may not want their children learning to hate someone for no good reason at all".

The address listed on the application is in Franklinton, Louisiana, which is north of New Orleans near the Mississippi state line.

The text on the application states:

I Hereby Swear That I Am AWhite Person Of Non-Jewish Ancestry And I Am 18 Years Of Age Or Older. I Swear An Unqualified Allegiance, First To The White Race Throughout; Second To My Native Country. I Swear That I Will Keep Secret And Confidtneial Any Information I Receive In Quest Of Membership. I Swear That The Information Bellow (sic) Is True To The Best Of My Knowledge.

(One would think that an FBI "profiler" would have a field day with the grammar on this one!)

The application goes on to ask for the typical name/address/age/phone/marital status. It also asks for occupation and place of employment, felony yes/no, and it solicits for a $20 donation (or more), along with a signature and a copy of a photo ID.

It would have taken less time and effort to produce fliers showing missing children, but these people would rather concentrate on hate, one of the issues we must overcome if we ever want to make American great again.

Have you ever been approached by anyone affiliated with a hate group asking for your support or membership? What do you do if you found one of these in your mailbox, or if a stranger (or even a friend or acquaintance) showed up at your door, asking you to join?

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