A unique holiday Craigslist ad is making its way around the internet right now, and we're not sure how to feel about it.

The post, allegedly made by someone in the Tulsa, OK area, sought a family who may be in need of a grandmother this holiday season.

Anybody need a grandma for Christmas. I have nobody and would really like to be part of a family. I cook and I can cook dinner. I’ll even bring food & gifts for the kids!

Of course, it's 2019 so the post was met with a lot more backlash than you would expect.

The person who put up the original ad deleted the post and wrote a new one, explaining that she "received numerous hateful messages" from people who accused her of taking advantage of welcoming families.

Thanks for that extra shot of pain! Holidays are tough enough!!

The second post was eventually taken down as well. Carson Carlock decided to share a screenshot of the woman's original post and it has been shared over 6,000 times as people beyond just Oklahoma are inviting her to reach out.

Carlock said the ad hit close to home.

I saw that post, and I was like, ‘You know that’s really sad. That really broke my heart reading that because my mom was alone on her last Christmas.

Others offered up their home, explaining that the holidays are undeniably tough when you're alone.

I know that the holidays are rough especially alone when everyone else has someone. We don’t expect gifts or for you to cook. We will do it all and would love to just have the company.

Hopefully, this woman is able to fill the role of someone's "grandma" and give her the holiday vibe that she's looking for.


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